Double Wall Wine glass

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Style: A

Capacity: 350ml

Product Information

  1. The PC double-layer insulation material enhances the coolness of your beverage, offering greater durability compared to standard glass while presenting an aesthetically pleasing suspended appearance.
  2. Ensure a ready-to-enjoy, chilled, and refreshing beverage by placing it in the refrigerator.
  3. Ideal for a variety of beverages such as IPA, spirits, iced tea or coffee, white wine, frozen margarita, Irish, scotch, pilsner, cocktails, and more.
  4. The extra-large capacity enables the glass to extract every drop from your favorite beverage bottle.
  5. This double-layer beer glass is not only exceptionally clear and lead-free but also of high quality, safety, and environmental friendliness, making it suitable for everyday use and easy to clean.


Function: high-temperature resistance
Structure: Double
Capacity: 350ml glass
Material: Heat-resistant glass

Size Information:
Upper width: 8.3cm
Lower width: 6cm
Height: 17.6cm