Transparent Honeycomb Glass Vase

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style: Style A

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Elevate your space with this beautiful decorative vase crafted from high-quality transparent glass. Its unique honeycomb pattern adds an elegant touch to any space, whether used as a standalone accent or to display fresh flowers or botanical arrangements. With its minimalist design and versatile aesthetic, this vase effortlessly complements various decor styles, making it an eye-catching addition to any home or office.


Style A: Height/25.5CM Maximum Diameter 13CM Diameter/7.5CM

Style B: Height/26CM Maximum Diameter 12CM Diameter/5.5CM

Style C: Height/16CM Maximum Diameter 13CM Diameter/8.5CM

Style D: Height/12CM Maximum Diameter 13CM Diameter/9.5CM

Style E: Height/9.5CM Maximum Diameter 10CM Diameter/7CM

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Honeycomb glass vase*1